In Honor of Prof. Ioannis Liritzis

Date: 27.02.24


The contemporary trend of research projects and works are presented on selective issues of archaeometry, archaeology and Egyptology. The current status in research in the area of SE Mediterranean on cultural heritage and archaeological/historical reflections alone and/or coupled with archaeological sciences of eleven papers are placed within an updated frame. The results concern a variety of selected topics critically presented. The topics touch on the cultural astronomy, the ancient textiles and masonries and the physico-chemical and biological investigations, the socio-political issues of Egyptian Ramesside era, revisiting the inscription of an Egyptian statuette, and the valuable information extracted from rock graffiti in north Kharga, Egypt.

Editors: Grigorios Tsokas, Nikolaos Lazaridis and Omar Abdel-Kareem

Printed Edition of the Special Issue Published in Heritage

LAUDATIONS_Honorary Award_ILiritzis

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