Publication "Chaos, Fractals and Complexity"

Date: 14.02.24

This volume of proceedings contains research results within the framework of the fields of Chaos, Fractals and Complexity, written by experienced professors, young researchers, and applied scientists. It includes reviews of the fields, which are presented in an educational way for the widest possible audience, analytical results, computer simulations and experimental evidence, focusing on mathematical modelling.

The present volume is dedicated to Professor Athanassios Fokas of Cambridge University, Class IV, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Of the total number of 25 papers of the volume, 9 are devoted to results obtained with Professor Fokas on the solution of key open problems concerning: integrable nonlinear evolution equations, the development of efficient algorithms for the solution of inverse problems arising in medical imaging, the asymptotic analysis of the Riemann zeta function and the famous Fokas Transform for solving linear and nonlinear partial differential problems, previously unattainable by methods of the classical literature. Professor Fokas is the recipient of many important awards, notably the 2023 Blaise Pascal award for Mathematics, citing the above achievements.

Guest Editor: Tassos Bountis, Class IV, University of Patras, Greece


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