Special issue of the journal Entropy (MDPI)

Date: 13.09.23


This Special Issue of Entropy will cover quantum chaos in its broadest sense and address the general physicists as well as experts in the field. Several papers, 36 original research papers as well as 2 review papers, offer an extensive introduction to the specific topic in quantum chaos and present the most recent results. Therefore, I have written the Editorial in this spirit, in order to attract the attention of researchers from various disciplines who are interested in quantum chaos. This Special Issue is expected to be a valuable source of scientific information for newcomers in quantum chaos, including Ph.D. students, but also for experts. It encompasses a broad range of topics from various few-body and many-body dynamical systems to nano and mesoscopic systems, condensed matter physics, molecular and atomic physics, quantum field theories, high-energy physics, string theories and even cosmology. We are thus witnessing fundamental progress in understanding quantum few-body as well as many-body systems, from the dynamical aspects to statistical aspects, which also involves issues in the statistical physics of quantum systems, both in equilibrium as well as in nonequilibrium states. Similar aspects occur in many other wave systems, namely electromagnetic waves, acoustic waves, elastic waves, water surface waves, seismic waves and gravitational waves. 

 The motivation for this Special Issue lies in the fact that there has recently been a considerable revival in quantum chaos in the above sense. It is very much appropriate to dedicate this Special Issue to Professor Giulio Casati, Class IV,  one of the most important pioneers  of quantum chaos, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, thus celebrating his scientific life opus carried out over more than five decades. This collection of 38 papers underlines the importance of his plentiful fundamental contributions to the scientific thought and results in quantum chaos and much more.

A book edition is in preparation! 

Guest Editor:  Marko Robnik, Class IV, CAMTP, Maribor, Slovenia

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