Date: 15.04.23

opened by the President of the Salzburg Landtag, Dr Brigitta Pallauf.

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EASA President Klaus Mainzer, President of the Salzburg Landtag, Dr. Brigitta Pallauf, Honorary President EASA, Felix Unger, ©wildbild

The Academy accepted 38 members from 11 nations into the circle of new members. The honorary senatorship was conferred on Ing. Mag. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Kubinger, the founder and owner of the VTA Austria GmbH Group with headquarters in Upper Austria, who has distinguished himself with his company through numerous innovations in the field of wastewater treatment and environmental technology: https://vta.cc/de/unternehmen/geschaeftsleitung-ing-mag-dr-hc-ulrich-kubinger. EASA President Klaus Mainzer and AMEU President, as well as Honorary President of EASA, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Felix Unger and VTA CEO Ing. Dr.h.c. Ulrich Kubinger could sign the foundation charter of the Alma Mater Europaea VTA Institute for Health, Environment and Science on 11. 11. 2022. https://youtu.be/aSnQogK2m54


This year's keynote address was given by Prof. Dr. Verica Trstenjak, Professor of European Union Law, former Advocate General at the ECJ in Luxembourg and Member of the Management Board of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), on the topic "Human rights in the digital era: Will algorithms prevail over humanity?"/ Human rights in the digital era: Will algorithms prevail over humanity? https://www.venice.coe.int/WebForms/pages/?p=cv_4628

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The ceremony was musically accompanied by Mirjana Petercol (Voice & Accordeon) https://www.kassel.de/einrichtungen/musikakademie/faecher-und-dozenten/dozenten-a---z/mirjana-petercol.php, who interpreted a composition by Violeta Dinescu, Dean of Class III.

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The next Festive Plenary Session will be on 5/6 April 2024.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Salzburg next year!

Photos: Evening Reception & Festive Plenary

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