Obituary on the passing of Benedict XVI

Date: 31.12.22

Despite his many duties he was active within the academy and showed his interest on the academy on different occasions. Especially he was very much interested in the interreligious dialogues and dialogues between sciences and religions. I had the big honour being invited by him coming to his office where we discussed many programs within the catholic church, with the specific emphasis on Austria. He was interested and supported all the interreligious dialogues. He was very well educated, he has written many scientific publications, his books on Jesus have been outstanding. In his charming expression he designed an outstanding picture of Jesus. In overall we lost with Pope Benedict XVI an intensive supporter of our academy, he was interested in the development of the academy. And this fitted in his line to force the relationship between sciences and faith. We will keep Pope Benedict XVI in a dignified remembrance.


         Klaus Mainzer                                                                Felix Unger

           President                                                               Honorary President


Comment of the Dean of Class VII for world Religions, Mariano Delgado:

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