Greetings from the Founder

Date: 01.10.20


30 years after founding the academy, I recall the great enthusiasm of all bringing the academy on line. Especially Cardinal König has been a great driver with Nikolaus Lobkowicz. Both supported the academy and have been present at the most annual festive events. 

The basic idea which stood behind has been the interdisciplinarity building bridges. Many projects started out of this ideas; at least the project on tolerance found its ground. In the last 30 years the academy gained many members, now up to 2000. This requires a new strategy. My impetus has been finding acceptance in the academic world as well in the political world. Numerous meetings have been necessary.

In many meetings we could achieve our goals. The most parts in Europe were very supportive. After 30 years we had more or less in all European countries’ meetings. In all countries we enjoy having delegations which is very helpful. My task has been motivating our colleagues for meetings and to find proper locations with no costs. Mostly we had our meetings at the National Academies. The Danube Academies Conferences is a typical example. The last was in Prague.

My most problem has been the financing whole enterprise. This took much of my energy and brought frustrations. But we managed it.

I am pleased that Klaus Mainzer from Munich has been elected as upcoming president. I feel that the academy is in good hands and I wish him and his team composed by Birgit Harreß, Wolfango Plastino and Ursula Schmidt Erfurth all the best. They will push the academy in future perspectives.

Sometime I will describe the transition with a picture out of the concert world: I built the stage and set the piano on it. Now it is the new team playing the tunes for the Future steering the academy.

I will thank all who supported me and the academic idea. Together the academy will have a strong European voice. There are so many hundreds of believers and supporters. But there have been some citizens and I hope the new team will convincing to contribute positively.


At the end

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Felix Unger

founder and founding president

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