30th Anniversary - Festive Session 2020

Date: 09.03.20

On March 7th the Academy celebrated its 30th anniversary. The festivities started on Friday March 6th with a symposium on “New Directions in Natural Sciences: Complexity, Machine Learning and Algorithms” organised by our members Klaus Mainzer, Willibald Plessas and Marko Robnik. The parallel session, organised by the IESP, dealt with the missing dynamic implementing the sustainable development goals.
On Saturday March 7th we had the pleasure to welcome around 40 new members from 14 different countries, who were inaugurated as ordinary Academy members. The Festive Speech was delivered by our member Christiane Woopen (Founding and Acting Director at the Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health – University of Cologne) on the topic "Ethics - Queen of all sciences?“.

Thanks to all who joined our events!

Foto: @wildbild/Herbert Rohrer

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