EASA Co-founder Nikolaus Lobkowicz passed away

Date: 24.09.19

We deeply regret to inform you that our cofounder Nikolaus Lobkowicz passed away on September 19th, 2019. He contributed significantly to the establishment of the Academy and its foundation on March 7th, 1990. Nikolaus Lobkowicz was Vice-President for several years and lastly Honorary President of the Academy.

He had sought for possibilities to stem the decline in values, which he saw in Europe and realized that this challenge called for representatives of all disciplines - philosophers and historians, scientists and engineers. With the European Academy of Sciences and Arts he saw a way to convince its members and thereby science as a whole to do more joint research in this direction. An academy with competent international members could tackle the decisive problems of Europe and meet its pioneering role.

Nikolaus Lobkowicz was an impressive personality who never minced his words and whose generosity was very much appreciated.

Our deepest sympathy is with his wife and family.


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