COLLOQUIUM ARTS MEET SCIENCES/Peter Herrmann/Qui Mao/Wolfgang Mastnak

Published: 27. October 2023

Organisation and Chair:

Prof. Violeta Dinescu, Dean EASA, Class III

Prof Dr.Dušan Šuput, Dean EASA, Class II


Prof. Dr. Peter Herrmann: Helping Nature to ist Rightful Place

Research Fellow Central South University, Human Rights Centre at the Law Faculty, Berlin

Qui Mao and Univ.-Prof. Dr.Dr.Dr. Wolfgang Mastnak: Reflexions: Chinese Music Therapy in Psycho-Oncology, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, München

Introduction: Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer, President EASA, Former Full Professor of Philosophy and Philosophy of Science at TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, Munich: 


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