COLLOQUIUM SCIENCE MEETS ART/ Svebor Sečak/ Grigoris Tsokas

Published: 18. November 2022


Ioannis Liritzis, Dean of Class IV

Violeta Dinescu, Dean of Class III

Svebor Sečak: Associate Professor and Dean of the Alma Mater Europaea Dance Academy in Slovenia; Guest Professor, Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia; internationally acclaimed ballet artist, principal dancer and coach of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb; President of the Croatian Society of Professional Ballet Artists; Member of EASA.

Grigoris Tsokas: Professor at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Geology and Geoenvironment, with subject “Geomorphology and Geographical Information Systems”, Greece. Member of European Academy of Science and Arts - Class IV Natural Science.

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