Published: 04. March 2022


Ioannis Liritzis, Dean of Class IV

Violeta Dinescu, Dean of Class III

ARTS : Klaus Mainzer: Symmetry and Symmetry breaking in Science and Arts.

Klaus Mainzer: President of the EASA. Philosopher of science studies the foundations and future perspectives of science and technology. He focuses on mathematic basic research and computer modeling of science and technology and he is known as a researcher of complexity with a focus on complex systems, algorithms and artificial intelligence in science and society.

SCIENCE: Thanasis Fokas: Perception as an inverse problem: from awareness to re-representations.

PresentationPerception as a solution of an inverse problem

Summary: Perception as the solution of an inverse problem

Thanasis Fokas: Professor, Chair of Nonlinear Mathematical Science, University of Cambridge Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics; Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice and Biomedical Engineering Practice, University of Southern California. Member of the Academy of Athens, Greece; Member of Class IV, EASA.

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