Chinese Approach in Globalization Era: Information based Revolution of Education, Science and Technology

Published: 10. May 2020
Category: Humanities
Author: Georgi Dimirovski
During the last decade the world is astonished and becoming more and more
fascinated by the dramatic progress of P.R. China in all respects, particularly in science
and technology. It appears a rather involving quest to understand this process, the roots of
which I believe have emanated from the far reaching heritage of Confucius’ teachings. For, as
Socrates is regarded as the father of philosophy, wisdom and wit in the West, so is Confucius
the father of philosophy, wisdom and wit in the East. Although these two streamlines of
philosophical thoughts carry considerable differences still considerable convergence and
confluence among them is apparent too. Nonetheless historical roles of both Chinese
revolutions during the 20th century cannot be neglected, and even much less so 1945-
49 Revolution; for, they pawed the way of what china is becoming during the 21st century.
It became obvious during the last two-three decades education, science, and technology,
in fact, play the central role within the societal process of holistic renaissance of China.
Furthermore, by and large it is based on a creative information based revolution of education,
science and technology so that these year China emerges as the leading country of AI based
products and services worldwide. This study papers presents personal perceptions and
conclusions, hence views, which matured during twenty years of my continuing and close
academic co-operation with a couple of Chinese colleagues. Though, standard university
publications have been used. It is focused on the essential issues of Chinese approach to
advancement and expansion of higher education, scientific and technological research, as
well as to general development of culture and economy of the country. The responsibility for
the expressed views rests on me alone.

Keywords: Fourth industrial revolution; higher education; information; science; societal
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