Biocomplexity, Bioethics and Integration

Published: 19. February 2020
Category: Humanities
Author: Hans-Martin Sass


No individual bios or species bios can live independently. The 8 C’s (communication and cooperation, competence and competition, contemplation and communication, compassion and cultivation), are present in all bios. They define in their specific human settings us as individuals and our networks, including state and non-state bios in religions and corporations. We humans are not eusocial as ants and bees; thus, we have a species-specifically developed bio-ethics in religions and philosophies from the Vedic ‘tat tvam asi’ to Jesus’ ‘love your neighbor’ and Fritz Jahr’s ‘bioethical imperative’. Bio-complex integrations provide happiness, health and long life for individuals and communities in geo-space and cyber-space.


Please find the whole article here: Biocomplexity, Bioethics and Integration



adaptability, biocomplexity, bioethics, biocultural, biopolitical, integration, political body


Hans-Martin Sass gave this presentation at the Symposium Complexity & Integration in Nature and Society, organised by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the German-Japanese Society for Integrative Sciences on March 1st 2019 in Salzburg.
The article was first published in the Formosan Journal of Medical Humanities, Vol. 20, No. 1&2 2019, p. 8-18.


By Hofrat Mag. Maximilian Edelbacher
02. April 2020
I am teaching at the University Vienna, Department of Sociology, Univ. Prof. Dr. Gilbert Norden, therefore I am interested in the paper - thank you if you will provide me with it.
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