Food Safety Challenges in the Tourism Processes

Published: 31. July 2019
Category: Social Sciences, Law and Economics
Author: Martin Balazs Zsarnoczky, Lóránt Dénes Dávid


The modern food industry is among the key partners of today’s global tourism. As part of the tourism processes, tourists buy and consume local food in the local catering facilities. Furthermore, tourists are usually willing to try out gastronomy specialties during their travels. Food safety is important for tourists although it is not always part of their conscious behavior in the destination. Food safety standards are regulated by international contracts based on the analysis of more half a century’s experiences. Within processes related to the changes in the external environment, there are emerging issues – although in different intensity - like chemical and microbiological contamination or food terrorism. Due to the immense number of participants in tourism, it is of key importance to raise awareness of threats like food decay, infections and other negative impacts, because food safety if a basic need in all tourism destinations. The amount of waste food is increasing dramatically at a global scale. The study will introduce the findings of a food safety research in Hungary, providing useful knowledge to all stakeholders of the tourism industry.

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tourism, food safety, food-related risks, food waste, food terrorism

This arcticle was first published in: Rural Sustainability Research, Volume 41, Issue 336, 01. August 2019, page 26-31.

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