Book Launch Event – Transformation Towards Sustainability

Date: 03.07.2024

The anthology „Transformation Towards Sustainability – A Novel Interdisciplinary Framework from RWTH Aachen University“ is published open source by Springer 

Lectue 5:30 pm „Future through Innovation and Transformation“

Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Klaus Mainzer (TU München, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Member of the scientific advisory board of the BMBF Future Cluster "NeuroSys - AI" and the Käthe Hamburger Kolleg "Cultures of Science")

The global environmental crisis, technological developments, the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing economic and political globalization are just a few of the developments that are massively increasing the pressure for transformation on regions, companies and society as a whole. In addition, the digitalage is accelerating transformation processes that are already underway. This contributed book addresses these developments and presents a new framework for transformation research and practice that has been developed and already validated by researchers of the RWTH Aachen University. The RWTH way includes inter- and transdisciplinary approaches from many disciplines, looking at technological and societal change from different perspectives. A distinction is made between analysis, i.e., research on transformation processes, impact, i.e., transformational research, and change in research itself, i.e. research transformation. The book not only creates a new understanding of transformation research, but also provides actionable impulses for scholars and practitioners in many fields.




Place: Generali-Saal, 6th floor of Super C, Templergraben 57, 52062 Aachen

Time: 4.30-6.50 pm

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