Date: 16.05.2024

14:15-14:30 Prof. Michael Molls (TUM-IAS-EASA)/Opening Speech I

14:30-14:45 Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz (TUM)/Opening Speech II

14:45-15:30 Prof. Robert Wille (TUM)/Design Automation for Quantum Computing

15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:45 Dr. Fabienne Marco (TUM)/Pathways to quantum entanglement:Responsible Research and innovation strate

16:45-17:30 Prof. Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara (University of Florence)/Logics from quantum information and possible applications

17:30-18:15 Prof. Klaus Mainzer (TUM)/From the Quantum World to Quantum AI

 online Registration/contact Prof. Dr. Roberto Giuntini:


Place: Institute for Advanced Study Lichtenbergstraße 2a Auditorium (ground floor)

Time: 2.15-6.15 pm

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