Interdisciplinary symposium “Complexity and Integration in Nature and Society”

Date: 28.02.2019

From a scientific point of view, complex dynamical systems are well-known interdisciplinary methods of modeling in the physical, biological, and ecological sciences. Therefore, complexity research brings together scientists of different fields to learn from one another and to solve different problems. In the life sciences and medicine, climate, environment, populations, and organisms are examples of highly complex systems which need interdisciplinary research. Without any doubt, our political, legal, and economic world is driven by increasing diversity and complexity. We need integration by corporate and public governance. Can digitalization solve the problem of integration with a world-wide technological infrastructure? At this point, humanities and philosophy come in to ask for ethical standards of integration. Last but not least, the demand for „Unity in Diversity“ has deep roots in the world religions.

Under this scope, the symposium will consider the topic in the following sections:

  • Complex systems in physical, environmental, and life sciences
  • Complex systems in medicine and psychology
  • Complexity & integration in technical, economic, and social sciences
  • Complexity & integration in humanities and world religions

Place: Juridische Fakultät der Universität Salzburg, Churfürststraße 1, Hörsaal 206,5020 Salzburg

Time: 08.00


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