TCI-Valves Congress 2024

Date: 10.04.2024 - 11.04.2024

Slovenian Society of Cardiology
Endorsed by: European Academy of Sciences and Arts Salzburg

In the heart of Europe, amidst the historical of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Slovenian Society of Cardiology and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Salzburg are proud to announce the first-ever TCI-Valves Congress scheduled for April 10-11, 2024. This pioneering event is more than a congress; it is a confluence of innovation, expertise, and collaboration, designed to set new standards in the field of cardiology: 


Respected coordination group of organising committee

Under the guidance of Course Director, Matjaž Bunc, EASA member, Class II,  from the University Medical Center Ljubljana, and supported scientific committee including Gian Paolo Ussia, Ulrich Schäfer, and a host of international recognised experts - the TCI-Valves Congress 2024 promises expand knowledge, and advance their knowledge and clinical skills while shaping the future of cardiovascular medicine for improved patient outcomes...

Coordination: Dusan Šuput, Dean EASA, Class II

Place: Ljubljana


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