Seminar Series Quantumness: from Logic to Engineering and back

Date: 06.12.2023

Focus Group: Quantum Logic and the Second Quantum Revolution

Introduction and Opening:

Prof. Michael Molls (Director of TUM-IAS, EASA Member, Class II) Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer (TUM; President EASA)


The burgeoning research into quantum information and computation marks a significant milestone that can be dubbed “the second quantum revolution”. The first quantum revolution of the 20th century deeply changed the fundamental concepts of physics and our understanding of the physical world.
The second quantum revolution of the 21st century is leading to dramatic technological changes in our society and shaping new conceptual and logical paradigms. Munich Quantum Valley serves as an exemplary case, bringing together fundamental research and practical application.

Organized by Prof. Roberto Giuntini (Philosopher in Residence) and his hosts: Prof. Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Prof. Stefania Centrone, Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer, president EASA

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Place: IAS Faculty Club, Lichtenbergerstraße 2a

Time: 2:30 p.m. - 4.45 p.m.

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