Date: 05.10.2023 - 07.10.2023

The Laudato Si' conference is aimed at anyone, believer or seeker, wishing to take up the great challenge of ecological transition in the era of the Anthropocene, a geological epoch characterized by the influence of human action on our planet. “ Safeguarding our common home " concerns us all. As Pope Francis puts it " humanity still has the capacity to work together to build our common home ". But how ? The present conference aims to make its contribution to this construction, which is essential for the future of humanity and the earth. To this end, it will bring together astrophysicists, physicists, engineers, chemists and biologists, as well as doctors, economists, lawyers, philosophers, theologians and spiritual persons, who will share their views on the ecological challenge. A wide-ranging debate with the participants will enrich our joint reflection and outline concrete courses of action to serve the common home, in line with the UN sustainable development goals and the initiatives of European institutions in these fields...


This conference is co-organised by the Dean of Class VII, Mariano Delgado, Speeches of Prof. Delgdo you will find on p. 20, 27, 28, 29, 36

Organization Committee

This conference will be held in french, english and german language

Place: Basilika of Valère and Convention Center Sion/Sitten-Switzerland


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