INTERCEDU Conference about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Date: 07.09.2023 - 08.09.2023

The INTERCEDU- International Center of Education multimedia e-learning platform offers valuable contacts, premium educational products from highly qualified specialists who focus on the key areas in the process of emerging future.

Organised by the President of the International Center of Education:

Dr. h.c. mult. Prof. PhDr. Ing. Štefan Kassay, DrSc., Member of EASA, Class VI

7 September/4 p.m. Interview with President Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Moderator: Prof. Štefan Luby, Honorary Senator of EASA & Easa Member Class IV

5 p.m. Speech by Prof. Kassay about the Possibilities of Medialisation for EASA.



Dialogue with Dr. Lucia Škvareninová

TALK STUDIO Intercedu with Prof. Klaus Mainzer

Awarding of the  Štefan Kassay Gold Medal to Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer, president of EASA/ SALZBURG AWARDING

Press Release:

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Place: Limbach


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