Workshop “Violated Earth – Violent Earth”

Date: 19.03.2019

Focus of the workshop is disasters triggered by a rapidly advancing climate change, e.g. extreme rainfall, storms, continuous droughts. There is general consensus that climate change and its consequences are predominantly traceable back to human misconduct. However, catastrophes are not restricted to a global level. Human misdemeanors such as malnutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise frequently result in cardiovascular diseases or cancer, which are extremely painful for the patients and their loved ones. For billions of years, the capability of ecosystems to self-regulate served as means to preserve life on Earth. However, this capability is now equally undermined by human misdemeanor, when for example diversity and redundancies are replaced by mono-cropping in agriculture and forestry, by mono-structures in the economy or hegemony in politics. Even the omnipresent hype for (economic) growth is part of the long list of reasons for anthropogenic natural catastrophes. As the human population continues to expand across our once empty planet, subjugating nature to its will, the natural world is becoming more and more marginalized. According to the book “Come On!” - the new Report to the Club of Rome by the Co-Presidents Ernst von Weizsäcker and Anders Wijkman - we will face a collapse of the global economy if this process is not reversed soon. Society needs new solutions for life on a planet that is no longer empty. The Club of Rome suggests initiating a new clarification of facts and responses. In other words, an „Enlightenment 2.0“ for a „Full World”. Worldwide observations suggest that this development is already in progress, presumably however not only triggered by cognitive decisions but rather by epigenetic transformation processes. How to evaluate such processes - cognitive or natural - is also part of the scope of the workshop.

Place: TUM Science and Study Center at Raitenhaslach

Time: 14.00


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