Date: 18.10.2023 - 20.10.2023

European Academy of Sciences and Arts & Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Prof. Dr. Peter Stih, President SASA

Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer, President EASA

The Danube Academies Conference is a forum for all national Academies of the Danube region and focuses on scientific developments in this area. It is a platform for the exchange between the national academies from Central and Eastern Europe. We are pleased on behalf of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences to invite you to the 12th Danube Academies Conference, which will be held on October 18-20, 2023.

MAIN TOPIC: WATER IN ALL ASPECTS - In the view of drinking water - Problems of drinking water in the karst regions - Drinking water in the Pannonian plain (Endemic Nephritis) - Water pollution - Water purification - Water and migrations - Waste waters - Water in agriculture - Forest fires - And any other topics about water related to the problems of participating countries.

The conference language will be English



Chairman of the Organising Committee, Head of the Department for International Relations and Scientific Coordination, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts: Prof. Dr. Branko Stanovnik (international@sazu.si)

The following conferences were held in:
- Bratislava, Slovakia (March 2012)
- Budapest, Hungary (September 2012)
- Bucharest, Romania (April 2013)
- Chisinau, Moldova (April 2014)
- Ulm, Germany (April 2015)
- Ljubljana, Slovenia (May 2016)
- Belgrade, Serbia (September 2017)
- Stuttgart, Germany (October 2018)
- Prag, Czech Republic (October 2019)
- Sofia, Bulgaria (October 2021)
- Ljubljana, Slovenia (October 2023)

Place: Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAS), Novi trg 3, Ljubljana


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