Conference Causality and Complexity

Date: 29.09.2022 - 30.09.2022

in Cooperation with Paris Lodron University Salzburg

In 2021, Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann, and Giorgio Parisi received the Nobel Prize in physics for their work on complex systems. Such systems are not only one of the major areas of research in contemporary physics, but they also span almost all scientific disciplines and raise outstanding philosophical questions. For instance: How shall we define a complex system precisely? What is the relationship between emergence and complexity? And, how shall we interpret causal relationships in complex systems? Although the first two questions have received a great deal of attention in science and philosophy, the relationship between causation and complexity remains to be understood.

This workshop will be a major opportunity to address the problem of causality and complexity from an interdisciplinary perspective. It proposes to consider contemporary and traditional questions that remain open in science and philosophy. For instance: How can consciousness have a causal influence in the complex physical world? Can complex systems be the object of standard statistical causal analysis? Do we have a specific theory of causation that is especially suited to uncover structural dependencies and correlations in complex systems? Are there specific causal mechanisms in complex systems that are not present in other natural systems? Should we assume that causality is a key factor in the formation of order from disorder?


September 30, 3 p.m.: Speech: Klaus Mainzer, President EASA:

"Complexity and Causality in natural and artificial systems"

Jennifer Juhn (Duke), Samantha Kleinberg (Stevens IT), James Ladyman (Bristol), Lauren Ross (UC Irvine), Michael Strevens (NYU), Karoline Wiesner (Potsdam)


Gregorie Dupuis-Mc Donald, Patricia Palacios, Charlotte Werndl

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Place: University of Salzburg, Department of Philosophy, Franziskanergasse 1

Time: 3.p.m.

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