International Conference/World in Philosophy

Date: 25.09.2022 - 28.09.2022

30 th Days of Frane Petrić

In collaboration with the institutions of the Town of Cres, the hometown of the great Renaissance philosopher and polyhistorian Frane Petrić, the Croatian Philosophical Society founded an international scientific conference in 1992, called the Days of Frane Petrić. In the course of more than a quarter of a century of continuous work, the Days have become one of the leading scientific-cultural events in the region of Southeast Europe gathering philosophers and scientists of the broadest range of backgrounds. Many world-renowned authors have partaken in the Days of Frane Petrić, and over the past 29 years, more than a thousand presentations were given by participants from more than 40 countries. Each year, the Days of Frane Petrić comprise two symposia – one with a regular annual theme dedicated to “Croatian Philosophy and Culture in Interaction and Context”, and especially to the work of Frane Petrić, after whom the event was named, while the other focuses on a new topic each year. In 2022 the main topic is “World in Philosophy”.

University of Zagreb, Facutly of Humanities and Social Sciences

PROGRAM: Preliminary Programme_Symposium_World in Philosophy_Cres_25

VIDEO: Welcome Speech President Klaus Mainzer:


27 September 9-10 a.m. Speech Klaus Mainzer: 

KLAUS MAINZER (Germany/Njemačka): Challenges of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Spirit of European Humanism / Izazovi Europske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti u duhu europskoga humanizma

President of the Programme Committee, Pavo Barišić,  Member of EASA, Class I

The Croatian Philosophical Society (CPS) was established in 1957 and is one of the oldest professional associations in Croatia and South-East Europe. In the course of half a century, CPS has become an unavoidable platform for philosophical life in the region and one of the key cultural institutions in Croatia.

Place: Kimen Hotel, Cres, Croatia


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