Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker-Colloquium

Date: 18.05.2022

A Celebration of Antiquity Reimagined: Delphic Festivals

Talk: Ioannis Liritzis, Dean Class IV, EASA and Henan University

Europe is the cradle of civilization and Europe explored both opposite
directions, East & West. In the year 586 BC, the first Pythian Games (artistic
with some small-scale athletics) took place in Delphi Ancient Greece. Delphic
Intellectual Movement is a branding initiative under the leadership and Aegis
of European Academy of Sciences & Arts.

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Organsiation: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kahle, Dr. Thomas Piecha

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Place: Zoom

Time: 05: 00 - 06: 00 p.m

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