Advances in Environmental Engineering Research in Poland

Published: 07. October 2021
Category: Technical and Environmental Sciences
Author: Małgorzata Pawłowska & Lucjan Pawłowski, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin Poland


side-effect of numerous anthropogenic activities involves unfavourable changes in the natural environment. The acquisition of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, solid waste and wastewater production, as well as emission of gases and particulate matter from industrial plants and means of transport contribute to disturbances in the natural cycles of elements between different parts of the environment. Local changes lead to global effects, changing the composition of atmosphere, its capacity for absorbing the infrared radiation and temperature, which has further repercussions in the form of weather anomalies, melting glaciers, flooding, migration or extinction of species, social problems, etc. These global changes can be mitigated by local remedial actions, simultaneously taken all over the world, including Poland. Only the joint efforts of communities from different countries can be successful in preserving the world as we know it for the future generations. Realisation of this task requires the cooperation of experts across many fields of science, environmental engineering being one of most relevant. It comprises the engineering actions taken to preserve the balance of the natural environment or restore it if degradation has occurred. This monograph presents several key issues related to the actions aimed at mitigating the negative impact on the environment connected with the acquisition and transport of energy, management of municipal and industrial wastes, as well as the impact of the industry on the aquatic and soil environment.

This book is dedicated to academics, engineers, and students involved in environmental engineering, who are following the advances in the research on environmental aspects of energy production and waste management.


Published by: 

Routlegde- Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK



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