Border Situations-Crises-Postcritical Creativity

Published: 26. January 2021
Category: Humanities
Author: Hermes Andreas Kick

LIT Verlag GmbH & Co.KG Wien

For none of the central survival problems of mankind, which include the increase of the world population, limited resources, transcultural communication problems and information overload, convincing solution concepts exist so far. The areas of tension mentioned are taken up in this volume and placed in the context of overstrain and rebellion of the individual and society. They are the impetus for philosophical thinking and for the conceptualization of the process-dynamic approach as a survival strategy that leads to practical philosophy. Overcoming the borderline situation shows "what man actually is and can become" (Karl Jaspers). Using numerous examples from the fields of psychotherapy, artistic and political action, this book shows that historical and phenomenological analysis needs to be complemented by a process-dynamic approach.


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