Boundary Elements: Theory and Applications

Published: 05. August 2020
Category: Technical and Environmental Sciences
Author: Katsikadelis J.T.

John T. Katsikadelis: Boundary Elements: Theory and Applications. Elsevier Science: Oxford, 2002. 
This book has been translated by relevant professors into Japanese, Russian, and Serbian and is used as a textbook at the universities of the respective countries.

カチカデーリス.T.著 (2004), 境界要素法基本と応用 原書名 
(Translation in Japanese of “Boundary Elements: Theory and Applications, Elsevier, Science, London), Asakura, Tokyo, Japan.

КацикаделисДж. Т. (2007) “Граничные элементы. Теория и приложения,” (Translation in Russian of “Boundary Elements: Theory and Applications, Elsevier), Publishing House of Russian Civil Engineering Universities, Moscow (Russian translation).

Katsikadelis, Dž. T. (2011) “Granični Elementi. Teorija i Primene”, Gradjevinska Knjiga, Belgrade (Serbian Translation)


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