Artist's monograph on the 100th birthday of Žibuntas Mikšys

Published: 28. March 2024
Category: Arts
Author: Rainer Gottlieb Mordmüller & Gerd Winner

Žibuntas Mikšys (1923-2013) was one of Lithuania's most important graphic artists in exile, and also a conscientious archivist: thanks to his efforts and financial support, a large part of the documentary heritage of Lithuanians exiled to France was transferred to Vilnius University Library. The collection donated by the artist comprises more than 5,000 books and works of art.

The authors Rainer Gottlieb Mordmüller, member of EASA, Class III, and Gerd Winner, who met Žibuntas Mikšys personally as an artist, provide a sensitive insight into his work.

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