The Oxford Handbook of Music in China and the Chinese Diaspora (Oxford Handbook Series)

Published: 06. October 2023
Category: Arts
Author: Yu Hui (Editor), Jonathan P.J. Stock (Editor)

In The Oxford Handbook of Music in China and the Chinese Diaspora, twenty-three scholars advance knowledge and understandings of Chinese music studies. Each contribution develops a theoretical model to illuminate new insights into a key musical genre or context.

This handbook is categorized into three parts. In Part One, authors explore the extensive, remarkable, and polyvocal historical legacies of Chinese music. Ranging from archaeological findings to the creation of music history, chapters address enduring historical practices and emerging cultural expressions. Part Two focuses on evolving practice across a spectrum of key instrumental and vocal genres. Each chapter provides a portrait of musical change, tying musical transformations to the social dimensions underpinning that change. Part Three responds to the role that prominent issues, including sexuality, humanism, the amateur, and ethnicity, play in the broad field of Chinese music studies. Scholars present systematic orientations for researchers in the third decade of the twenty-first century.

About the Author
Yu Hui is a Chinese musicologist, EASA member of Class III, with interests in Chinese music history, traditional music theory, guqin zither, and opera traditions. He is the first musicologist to receive the title of Changjiang Distinguished Professor of the Chinese Ministry of Education and is currently a Donglu Distinguished Professor at Yunnan University and a Chair Professor at Xiamen University.

Jonathan P.J. Stock is a British ethnomusicologist specializing in music in China and Taiwan. He is Professor of Music at University College Cork with interests in research ethics, ethnography, indigeneity, music education, music analysis, and the diverse global histories of ethnomusicology. 


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