Product, Process and Plant design using subcritical and supercritical fluids for industrial application

Published: 19. July 2023
Category: Technical and Environmental Sciences
Author: Željko Knez, Christoph Lütge

This book describes cutting edge technology using supercritical fluids for the production of foodstuffs, medicals, and polymers. It illustrates the importance and use of basic data for design and operation at industrial scale units.

The book's authors have several decades of experience of applied research on how to develop large scale industrial units. It provides readers complete insight in design and operation of industrial high pressure process plants.

The book is written so it may be understood for people (with?) little or no background on high pressure process technology. It will provide information on how some foodstuffs, medicals, polymers are produced using high pressure technologies.

The book demonstrates the importance of fundamental data, how to measure them and how to apply them to design industrial plants. At the same time, it also serves as a textbook for students.

Springer Berlin 2023

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