Laudatio to Emilio Marin

Published: 24. April 2023
Category: Humanities
Author: Marinov Zbornik

Papers in Honour of Prof. Emilio Marin

Marin’s scientific approach is inspired by two specific methodologies. The first methodology was elaborated during Marin’s research on the Augusteum of Narona and was specified in a publication at the occasion of the Oxford exhibition The Rise and Fall of an Imperial Shrine. The methodology consists in confronting the detailed analysis of the excavated monuments of Narona with the still available written historical sources and to integrate them into a synthesis. The second methodology is characterized by a specific epigraphical approach and was elaborated during his project of editing the ‘Corpus of Salonitan Inscriptions from the Early Christian Period’. Thanks to Marin’s publication the huge collection of inscriptions is now available to all scholars, involved in the research on the subject. The publication makes possible for ancient historians to combine the study of historical monuments with the study of archival and epigraphical material, facilitating substantially the writing of a synthesis on the ancient history of Dalmatia.


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