Embryo as a Person and a Patient

Published: 20. April 2022
Category: Medicine
Author: Asim Kurjak/Frank A Chervenak

Foreword Milan Stanojevic

This book focuses on Embryo as a Person and as a Patient. The issue of the beginning of life and in particular the beginning of human life is fascinating throughout the entire history. The intrauterine development of the human was the mystery for many centuries, while in the past decades possibility to look inside the uterus developed, arising many dilemmas and unanswered questions. This book consists of 14 chapters, which include neurogenetic processes in the lateral telencephalon during intrauterine development of the human embryo, morphogenetic and differentiation powers of the human embryo, sonoembryology, controversies on the beginning of human life, embryonic and early fetal abnormalities diagnosed with three-dimensional ultrasound in the 1st trimester, behavior of the embryo, the moral status of the embryo in professional obstetric ethics, invasive diagnostic procedures in embryonic period, ultrasonographic evaluation of embryonic cardiac development, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, vanishing twin syndrome, genomic editing, and human enhancement and transhumanism. Prominent neuroscientists, embryologists, experts in three dimensional ultrasonography, experts studding behavior, medical ethicists, geneticists, sonoembryologists are looking at the human embryo from their point of view which is under the scope of their scientific interest. This makes the book a unique master art, giving the readers an opportunity to go into the uniqueness of embryonic world.

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