Metallurgy in Space

Published: 20. April 2022
Category: Natural Sciences
Author: Hans- Jörg Fecht, Markus Mohr/Editors

"Space Research" / Resent Results from ISS

This book presents experimental work conducted on the International Space Station (ISS) in order to characterize metals and alloys in the liquid state. The internationally recognized authors present and discuss experiments performed in microgravity that enabled the study of the relevant volume and surface related properties free of the restrictions of a gravity-based environment. The collection serves also as a handbook of space experiments using electromagnetic levitation techniques. A summary of recent results provides an overview of the wealth of space experiment data, which will ignite further research activities and inspire academics and industrial research departments for their continuous development.

published by Springer Nature, 2022

Metallurgy in space final proofs 502310_1_En_Online - final - mm


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